Monday, July 14, 2014

Chicago Training Thus Far

A little "red" for my taste, but it's early...  Have had some good quality runs in there, but need more consistency.  Hopefully, I'll be able to "green this up" the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Bearsuit Sessions - October 2011

My brother.

A bearsuit.

Our cousin's wedding.

VHS-C Camera.

NOTE - Opening and closing scenes...  NOT our family.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Yearly Porch Beer Re-Blog via @GemmaPetrie

Every year, like clockwork, I have little seasonal reminders, cravings, memories, etc.  More often than not, these are "feeling" / "vibe" based, as opposed to calendar / event based.  For example...  I can read coverage of, even GO TO a few football games before it ever "feels like" football season.   And even if the loose leaf notebook and pencils are moved to the front of the store, it won't "feel like" back to school time until a certain moment in time.

This morning, on mile 3 of a reasonably hot (but by no means OVERLY so...) of a 6 mile long run, it "felt like" porch beer season.

On it.

Thanks again, Gemma!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Indy 500 Photos

Hats off to my dad for taking / compiling / sharing the photos. LOVE 'em!!!
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Illinois Marathon

I had big plans for a long, rambling  write-up, gushing on and on about: 

How much I H A T E training in the winter for a race that's always unseasonably hot. (I hate it.)
How much I love "hosting" this AWEsome group of people for a marathon in my town. (I love it.)
How proud I am of Champaign Urbana for pulling off such an incredible event. (I'm very proud.)
How, regardless of what make, model, flavor, variety you prefer...there are some beautiful human beings that run marathons.  (Beautiful humans. Truly.)
How much I appreciate my dad and Suzanne taking and sharing these awesome photos. (You guys rock.  Thank you.)
How incredible it is to have such an amazing, supportive group of family / friends. (I'm very lucky)

 But it's Wednesday night, and I'm still hot and exhausted. Pictures and captions it is.

Monkeys UP, yo!
Rally Monkey Crew at Mile 6
(Krista, Julia P, Mom, Hannah P)

Happy (but already hot) at Mile 6!  The Illinois Marathon...  
Train for 18 weeks in freeze-your-face-off cold, ice, and snow...
then run in 72 degree  & full-sun weather.  Gah. 

Cliff Bars, Gatorade, well-wishes, and a bit of convo.

?  No memories of this.

Meadowbrook Park.  First meet-up with Suzanne, Drew, Jordan, and Grace.

Mom mobilizing the monkeys to the next stop.

C'mon...wrap it up, Dave... leggo.


Suzanne says that in this pic, Dave is discussing Les Mis & Hugh Jackman with Grace. Although I wasn't there (Dave and I had split by this point) ,  I don't doubt this for a minute. 

Dave  & Grace

Sleeves up.  Friggin HOT.

At Mile 16, still feelin' strong.  But hot.

Mile 18.  Hot.  And Grace has turned to her sketchbook for entertainment.

Hot.  After porta-potty break, shorts strings were never re-tucked.  Oops.

Hot, and fading.  But gonna do this.  (Mile 23)  At mile 24, I offered a 12 year old girl an iPhone 5, some sweet headphones, and a Garmin Forerunner 620 for her bike as she rode alongside me.  Her response as she pedaled away: "No WAY, man!  You GOT this!"  

Hanah, at the stadium, waiting for the finish.

Julia & Hannah.

Love the in-stadium 50 yard-line finish of this race. 


Mom, Julia, Hannah, Chris, Krista.

Drew, Suzanne, Grace.

Jordan, Suzanne.

Post-finish with KP (@grunthumb).  KP rocked the half, with a bone spur on her heel. Dayam.

Stadium steps after 26.2 are brutal.  Truly.

Mom w/ medals.

Tim & Mom.

Waiting for Dave's finish.

This guy: Introduced me to this crazy endeavor 10 years ago. Is on-demand funny.  Is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  Has shared some sweaty, nasty, painful miles with me over the years. STILL whole-heartedly tries to "sell" me with his combination head / shoulder / hips / jab-step / ball fake (Yes, it is possible to do all of those things at once.  Yes, it looks as bizarre as it sounds...) , even though I have not "bought" it once.  Since 1989.  Love this guy.

Josh, Sarah, Dave, Tim @ 1901 post-race.   Fastest guy in the group (3:20?  Seriously, Josh?) NOT rocking his medal. C'mon, man.  

My splits.  On the 22:52 one, I forgot to lap-click.  Oops.  
Cognition fades as the miles progress, heat rises. 

Cool thing about Illinois Marathon vs Chicago Marathon....  
Very little Loss O Signal for the Garmin.
 (Corn Fields > Buildings in this regard!)

26 miles of Champaign Urbana road grime, and a bit of sun.  
A thorough shower confirmed...85% road grime, 15% sun.